Beautifully crafted. Luxury style.

Welcome to the brand of handmade bow ties, pocket squares and ties. Here to help you express individuality through good style.


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All products are handmade.

Fabrics include vintage and reclaimed.

At Beau Tie, everything is handmade in my home studio. I try to focus on using vintage and reclaimed fabrics as much as I can, to provide unusual and limited edition accessories, as well as carefully sourced fabrics too.

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The Perfect Tie!

"Shipped quicker than anticipated and I'm very happy with the quality. I don't want to admit how long I searched for the perfect tie for my wedding, but this was it. I actually received a lot of compliments specifically on the tie during my wedding reception. I think that says a lot when competing for attention with your wife's wedding dress! Thank you BeauTieUK!" - Joel, Florida, USA

Joel, Florida USA

Really, really beautiful!

"Really, really beautiful!!! I bought it for my wedding and it looks exactly as shown on the picture. Thanks a lot..."


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