Tweed: An icon of traditional, British heritage style. You may instantly think of countryside folk when it comes to the world of tweed (and if thats your bag then hey that's cool too!) But don't get stuck in that stigma. The textured wool fabric has plenty to give when it comes to building a look. So bring out the Cary Grant in you and get yourself into a tweed suit. (Fun fact: My grandmother once danced with Cary Grant!)

Not up for a tweed suit? Why not opt for a jacket, or a nod to it with just the accessories. A tweed bow tie holds a great shape, and you can even go for a colour for a modern touch. Mixing and matching textures is always a great option to explore: Tweed and silk, or for a more extravagant look you could explore tweed and velvet.

Exploring the main types of tweed:

Brown tweed

The more traditional tweed. If you're opting for a suit, perhaps soften it up with a pale silk pocket square, or go for a subtle floral print tie to bring in a modern twist. A simple brown tweed bow tie can be a great touch if you're not ready to go full tweed.

Grey Tweed

A good grey tweed suit is a worthy investment. It's a great neutral colour to add whatever accessories you desire, and man does it look SMART. It is a warm fabric though so not one for a destination wedding (unless said destination is cooler weather!)

There's also checked tweed to consider, or you can even go for a colour! See below a selection of accessories that you can snap up, all made using vintage tweed; Tie handmade using warm pink tweed, bow tie handmade using a 1960s pink, grey and blue tweed, and a warm pink vintage silk bow tie.