READY TO LOOK COOL AF? The bright suit trend is ON for 2019 and I'm here to bring you the inspiration and guidance for embracing it..... I personally LOVE a bright suit on a man, because it's fun and stand out. I have a go-to pink suit that I wear to networking events, it always makes for a good talking point. Match with a simple neutral tie to keep it clean, go full pizzazz with a bright tie, or even a print if you're feeling brave. See below some bright suit inspiration to get you started:

How beaut is that hunter green suit? You don't have to full neon here (prob best to avoid neon altogether tbh!) and can go for a vibrant colour to mix up the usual greys and navys. The burgundy is a great shout too, and that pink tweed jacket is just dreamy. BUT, If you're just feeling a classic suit, then you can always opt for a vibrant accessory instead, maybe a yellow tie or a warm pink pocket square.


Another trend for 2019 is the woodland florals, and greenery-a-plenty! Don't just keep the florals for the bouquet and surroundings. You can go full whack with the accessories too. Maybe even take inspiration from the whimsical wedding photo below and go for a floral suit! If that's not your bag, then there's plenty of florals in the Beau Tie shop. From wildflowers to ditzy prints, and ways to embrace the brights trend too.

(Below: Mustard yellow linen tie, Liberty wildflower print pocket square, warm pink velvet bow tie).

But remember, in the wise words of Fleetwood Mac "You can go your own way". Don't feel bound by trends, work with your own style, feelings, surroundings and inspiration. Break the mould if you want to. Be bold, or be classic. Whatever you wear, be you.